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There is no greater joy than getting to do something every day that you are truly passionate about. Here at Hotel Home’s, we share the love of hospitality. Our team is made up of real estate professionals who dedicate their lives to ensuring our guests receive the very best service. We take pride in ensuring each home is designed and maintained to the level we expect when visiting our favorite vacation getaways. This isn’t our “job,” … it’s our pleasure! If there’s anything we can do to make your stay even better, just let us know.
Beverly the Secretary | Hotel Home Stays

Meet the Team

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Beverly Shaler

Arizona Operations Director

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Kelly Kirkpatrick

Florida Operations Director

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Chelsea Griep

Front Desk & Assistant to CEO

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Even Dean


Highlands North Carolina

(828) 506-2471‬
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Tashagay Robinson

Florida Assistant Manager

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Eridiana Andrede

Arizona Manager & Concierge

Rebekah Converti-Boley

Founder and CEO of Hotel Home Stays.


Rebekah is passionate about the guest and owner experience in the vacation rental industry.

After developing Long Cove Resort in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rebekah plunged into the world of Luxury Vacation Rentals in 2020.

As a real estate investor and developer, it amazed her to see how poorly homes were being maintained in the industry.

Not to mention, the low returns investors were seeing. Vacation Rentals should run like well-oiled machines. And hold up to the standards of luxury resorts.

So, Rebekah set-out to partner with investors who wanted to create luxury brand homes that stand out from the crowd.

This led to creating a phenomenal team who prides themselves on ensuring guests have amazing experiences.

Every home is regularly maintained and outfitted similarly, so guests know they can count on Hotel Homes, wherever their travel leads them.

Being the best, means doing the right thing, time and time again. To brag a little, 95% 5-Star Reviews, means it’s working!

We hope you stay with us time and time again! Thank you for being our honored guest!

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