<h1 id=”h-payment-and-general-terms”>Payment and General Terms</h1> <p>These Terms and Conditions are provided for quick reference- they are shortened for clarity and cover the main questions you might have.</p> <h3 id=”h-payment-terms”>Payment Terms</h3> <p>30% down is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. If you are booking less than 30 days prior to arrival, payment will be due in full.</p> <p>Booking a Property is very different from booking a regular hotel room, especially with regard to payments and cancellations. Please do not just tick the box to accept these terms and conditions (as we all typically do!) – do please read the following conditions carefully.</p> <h3 id=”h-additional-costs”>Additional Costs</h3> <p>The cost of electricity, mains water, cleaning and garden supplies, and local taxes are included in rental rates. There are generally no additional costs, surcharges, taxes, staff salaries, or management fees above the price quoted unless otherwise stated in the property description.</p> <p>Gratuities for household staff are encouraged and normal, but are left entirely to the Guest’s discretion. If you would like our staff to provision the villa please talk to the Villa Manager. Cost for this is cost price + 10%. Please provide cash for the provisions up front. A receipt will be given to the guest on completion of the shopping.</p> <p>Arrival / Departure times: as per description on the listing. We will do our best to provide early arrival or late departure at our discretion. We may offer you a late departure for a fee closer to the date of your booking. </p> <h3 id=”h-security-deposit”>Security Deposit</h3> <p>The standard security deposit required for each Property is stated in the Property description; This will generally be in the form of a Pre-authorisation on the booking credit card. This will be taken 1 day prior to arrival and will be released 2 days after departure. CLI does not charge your card, but does freeze an amount on the card to cover us in case of damages. </p> <p>Access to the Property may be refused if security deposit is not paid in full. When the security deposit is required to be paid in cash, or when a non-standard security deposit applies, CLI will inform the Guest in advance of the amount payable and any other conditions.</p> <h3 id=”h-damage-deposit-coverage”>Damage Deposit Coverage</h3> <p>All additional expenses incurred on the Guest’s behalf (e.g. additional charges for goods, services and staff which have not been directly paid by the Guest)</p> <p>the cost of replacement or repair for any loss or damage to the Property or its surrounds or contents caused during the Rental Period.</p> <h3 id=”h-number-of-guests”>Number of Guests</h3> <p>The number of persons (adults and children) staying at the Property must not exceed the maximum number of sleeping places indicated in the booking confirmation email, unless specifically authorised in writing. Entry or access to the Property may be refused or limited where the number of guests exceeds the stated requirement. </p> <h3 id=”h-use-of-property”>Use of Property</h3> <p>All bookings are assumed to be for normal holiday purposes only, and the Guest agrees that the use of the Property will be limited to this purpose unless otherwise confirmed in writing.</p> <p>If the Guest is planning to hold an event, such as a wedding or party, which involves having a larger number of people at the Property, or if the Guest is planning to use the Property for a purpose other than holiday, please communicate this to CLI at the time of booking</p> <h3 id=”h-conduct-and-due-care”>Conduct and Due Care</h3> <p>Properties are generally located in quiet residential neighborhoods. The Guest is asked to respect this, and ensure that all guests and visitors to the Property behave appropriately. Illegal or immoral activities including gambling, prostitution, prohibited drugs, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, and possession or use of firearms and other weapons are all strictly prohibited. Smoking is prohibited inside any property.</p> <p>All of our villas have a quiet period from 11pm until 7am. </p> <p>The Guest is responsible for the behaviour of the guests staying at the Property, as well as visitors to the Property during the Rental Period. Should any guest(s) or visitor(s) not behave in a suitable manner, the Owner or Owner’s Representative may, in their absolute discretion, require the Guest, their party and/or visitor(s) to leave the premises and/or vacate the Property immediately, without compensation or refund</p> <h3 id=”h-cancellations”>Cancellations</h3> <p>In the event that the Guest cancels a confirmed booking, the following cancellation fees will apply:</p> <p>The Guest receives a fill refund if cancellation is made more than 45 days 45 days before the start of the rental period</p> <p>The guest pays 100% of the total rental amount if the cancellation is made less than 45 days before the start of the rental period.</p> <p>A reservation can be terminated at any time if a term or condition of this agreement is</p> <p>breached.</p> <h3 id=”h-covid-cancellation-policy”>COVID Cancellation Policy</h3> <p>You can request to cancel up to 45 days before starting your booking for any reason and receive a full refund.</p> <p>If your stay is within 45 days and the Indonesian Government deems that it is illegal for you to travel around Bali or considers it illegal for us to provide accommodation during the time you have booked the following will apply:</p> <p>1) If the person making the booking currently lives in Bali, and all Guests currently reside in Bali, then you will receive a full refund or credit – bookers choice. If 14days before the arrival date, the situation looks uncertain, CIL retains the right tocancel the booking and refund the booker the full amount of the booking.</p> <p>2) Due to the Indonesian Government’s current travel restrictions, if the person making the booking or their Guests lives outside Bali, the bookers forfeits any money already paid without any refund or credit. CIL retain the right to postpone the collection of the final balance at their discretion and if the booker agrees, to monitor the situation without risk to the booker, in the hope that travel will be permitted. This situation is negotiated outside of this agreement between CIL and the booker.</p> <h3 id=”h-provisions”>Provisions</h3> <p>Self-catering accommodations require that the Guest supply all provisions and consumables necessary for daily living. The staff at the Property may accommodate any reasonable requests to purchase provisions on the Guest’s behalf, and this will be charged to the Guest’s account.</p>